See how Natasha has helped make a difference in people’s lives.

“I can’t say enough wonderful things about Natasha’s Homeopathic abilities and her Holistic Nutritional approach.  

Her intuitive nature, ability to really listen and her true desire to help me, got me through the toughest two and a half years of my life!  While my body was showing extreme and severe symptoms of stress and sleep depravation due to a very tumultuous divorce I was going through, Natasha researched and worked tirelessly with me to get my body back to where it should be.  Her homeopathic instinct was spot on.  Her kind-hearted nature, professionalism, experience and willingness to help was a perfect remedy and she improved my life and my health.

 I now find myself both emotionally and physically in a wonderful place and my symptoms are gone.”  –  Z.A.

“We brought our 5 year old son to see Natasha Zarrin for an alternative treatment for a skin rash. After meeting with doctors who wanted to prescribe harsh chemical ointments, Natasha took the time to thoroughly examine and prescribe a remedy for our son.  Her remedy cleared up his rash and it has not returned since then (one and a half years ago).  Natasha is warm, nurturing, and very knowledgable as she explains the process of how homeopathy works.” C.M.

“Over the course of six months, I lost weight and experienced more energy. More importantly, I now cook differently and make better choices in regards to food. I know how to interpret cravings. Natasha has an in-depth knowledge and is very motivating to work with. Her approach is very personal. Overall, I feel healthier – have not been sick in a long time, and feel more secure in my food choices.” – A.L.

“I would like to sing your praises!!…The knowledge and the understanding you have for healthy nutritional cooking fit perfectly with our class, ‘Eating For Life’…”

“The students and I were lucky enough to share in your wisdom and insight; you have brought much more understanding to wholesome flavorful cooking. You provided more focus on whole health rather than just a ‘diet’…”

“…Our combined knowledge of Food Science and your extensive knowledge of Holistic Nutrition was the winning combination for the integrative cooking experience created. I know I can speak for myself and all the students, you made this class an important start on the road to every student’s health and well being.”

–Excerpts from a letter written by Chef / Professor Elizabeth E. Briggs of the Culinary Institute of America

“Natasha’s technical expertise when it comes to nutrition, and how and why different foods affect energy levels, is almost limitless. But equally valuable is her understanding of how to work with clients to help them implement step changes to their dietary habits in a way that minimizes disruption, and is therefore more likely to stick. Natasha dispels the myth that eating healthier means sacrificing the pleasure of eating, or using will power to break bad habits. Anyone who wants to improve their health and energy, while finding greater enjoyment in their eating, should work with Natasha.” – J.M.

 “When I met Natasha, I was unhealthy and miserable, eating junk food and not exercising. I told her my last meal had been two slices of pizza, a bag of Doritos, and an extra-large diet coke. She never told me to stop eating anything; she simply told me to start with breakfast and add oats. Then came greens and instructions on how to heal my body with food. With the slow addition of healthy, whole food to my unhealthy life, I began to feel better mentally and physically. Within six months I had lost 30 pounds without even concentrating on weight loss. My hair, skin, and eyes all improved and everyone in my life noticed the change. I can honestly say I have never been so happy and balanced in every aspect of my life as when I worked with Natasha and did what she told me to do. It was a miracle!”

–Karen, a real-estate agent

 “Natasha is amazing! My entire family now LOVES KALE thanks to her!!! When I’m at the market with my son (age 5) he BEGS for KALE (so I can make him Natasha’s delicious kale chips recipe — which is very easy and fast)! We also LOVE her quinoa salad! Thank you Natasha for bringing such healthy and delicious food into our diet!”

–The Stachelberg Family