Breakfast Pie

As easy as pie....Blueberry pie for breakfast? You bet. Blueberries are just so so good for you. And this hearty breakfast variation on oatmeal is a great way to get you through most of the day..... Read More

Strawberry Rhubarb Jam

All you need are these three ingredients for simple deliciousness.....On toast, yogurt, grilled meats or even over vanilla ice cream. Nature's candy. Read More

Apricot Lentil Iron Booster Soup

This is another soup that takes minutes to prepare, is satisfying in that sweetish-filling way and full of important minerals and vitamins. Paired with a salad, a perfect meal! Read More

Health is Wealth Tea

This tea is full of goodness even if you don't suffer from joint aches, sore throats, circulation challenges, inflammation or general immunity weakness....get the drift? Read More