Many of us lead hectic lives. While we strive to find balance for ourselves, our intentions are often compromised because of work, family, and other responsibilities. Yet, how we nourish ourselves, physically and otherwise, is so vital. Balanced nutrition and Homeopathy, separately or together, can offer effective support in conquering our daily challenges.

Food and health are interconnected on every level and we all know that without health, little else matters. However, with so much information surrounding us, navigating your way through it can feel overwhelming. Is it ok to eat fish? What kind? Should one choose soy or dairy? What is a balanced meal? What does one do with kohlrabi?

Is optimal living all about food? Not necessarily. Often, we do regain balance through making nutritional adjustments. Often, that’s just the beginning and other shifts in our day-to-day need to follow: whether it’s exercise, fewer commitments or more time for fun. Sometimes that’s not enough or possible and, modalities such as acupuncture or allopathic medicines is what’s needed. One other avenue towards better health is Homeopathy. To learn about homeopathy – a natural, non-invasive and holistic approach to health – go here.

individual consultations

Nutrition or Homeopathy? Addressing one’s eating regimen in the context of one’s lifestyle will produce lasting results. Specific conditions or obtainment of balance overall might be best suited for Homeopathy. The choice is yours. Schedule a complimentary call to learn more about each option.

Food as medicine

Whether it’s choosing the right protein or navigating to a carbohydrate that’s best for you or simply figuring out how to eat optimally in your day-to-day, food can be your comrade in arms rather than a source of stress.
Fees: $140 for 1 hr consultation or $500 for a series of 5 consultations

Homeopathy as medicine

Disharmony, on an emotional or physical level, from specific trauma or chronic conditions can bring on symptoms that impede our optimal living: creatively, energetically and spiritually. Whether it’s skin ailments, digestive complaints, recurring headaches, hormonally driven imbalances or seasonal afflictions, homeopathy offers natural and safe alternatives to managing a wide range of modern-living discomforts.
Fees: $300 for initial consultation (1.5-2 hrs) and $150 for follow-ups (up to 1hr). Acute consultations for families and individuals already part of my practice, via telephone, Doxy, Skype, FaceTime or text, are $75.

corporate workshops

Productivity and office energy can be affected by your employees’ approach to nourishment. Please contact me to discuss workshop themes suitable to your workplace.


What children eat everyday affects how they feel, the level of energy they have, and their ability to learn. You may be surprised at how easy it can be to incorporate natural and unprocessed foods into your child’s diet. Contact me to explore the benefits derived from eating specific foods and the wealth of kid-friendly options available.

To schedule an appointment, call 917-916-4184 or email. I look forward to working with you.