Fire-y Squash Dip

This is another dip that can hold court with the beloved guac! For celebrations, snacks or small meals this is a nice option to have on hand.... Read More

November Special

Feeling like a bit of mac' cheese might take the blues away? Well, need not feel guilty with this version of pasta. Have as much as you want and if you have left-overs all the better - it serves beautifully the next day with a quick sauté or steam. Read More

Winter Squash Mash

Looking for an easy sweet and savory topping for a cracker that can hold its own or be a soup buddy? Winter squashes make for perfect bakes, soups or spreads. But with a touch of miso paste, these fella's becomes even more interesting and good for you..... Read More

Breakfast Pie

As easy as pie....Blueberry pie for breakfast? You bet. Blueberries are just so so good for you. And this hearty breakfast variation on oatmeal is a great way to get you through most of the day..... Read More